Monday, November 03, 2008

Winter 2008

In our part of Japan it tends to snow a little. And this past winter was no exception. Although it makes driving a pain, it also gives us the opportunity to do some winter activities not available in Texas

Over the last two winters we have been proud members of the Misawa Mogul's a skiing/snowboard club that charters a bus every Saturday headed for a different resort. Although the mountains in Japan are nothing like the Rockies, they still offer good skiing with a quarter of the crowd.

We both have gone on snowshoeing trips, as well. I found out how hard it is to hike up a mountain with skis in tow, then dodge trees skiing down. The picture below is actually a one story building buried in snow.

Amy also went on a snowshoe trip with a group of friends. Unfortunately I was on call, so I couldn't join them. No one fell in a pond or a stream, so it was a successful trip.

At the end of the winter they clear a road near to Mt Hakkoda which is only about an hour from us. It's fun to drive through. We actually came up behind one of the plows that builds this snow canyon.

Next up...cherry blossom time.


OpenID nana1adri said...

Omg I read everything about japan b/c im moving there in late march or early april with my soon to be huband for the air force & the whole snow thing scares me b/c im from florida lol but everything you have makes it sooo interesting but im scared that im not going to adapt so good but a couple from texas can do it so can a floridan

Saturday, 22 November, 2008  

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